Woo! A Farine Five Roses tattoo!

Behold this fab Farine Five Roses tat, which belongs to our new best friend Georgia. Photo/tweet by the ever-awesome Karen Herland. Tattoo by Leme at Two Horses Studio in Montreal.

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Kenny March 20, 2020 at 12:28 am

I’m so 2008, you’re so two thousand and late 😉 I had this tattooed on my calf in 2008. I visited Montréal for the first time and fell in love with the city. I was intrigued by the sign, it fascinated me how something so ugly was so loved and iconic. I knew I wanted a tattoo to remind me of my joy in Montréal, I was discussing it in a bar asking them for a symbol of the city, the bartender jokingly suggested get the Farine Five Roses sign, and his regulars laughed at the idea. He realised with horror that I’d immediately identified with it. And just like that, my tattoo was born. I’ve always loved it, practically no-one knows what it means, and even when I explain it people think I’m crazy. I’m so pleased to have found this website that I can now point people to, to explain how I needed an icon of the city as a permanent reminder to keep coming back 🙂

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