I See Flashing Lights

In the brief history of the Farine Five Roses sign I wrote some years ago, I finished up by stating the following:

These words flash on and off in a slow rotation, such that one full cycle – lasting about 22 seconds – is as follows: top row on, bottom row on, both off; top row on, bottom row on, both off; top and bottom on, top and bottom off.

Yesterday I received an intriguing email from a gentleman called Giles Nicholson. Having grown up in Montreal back in the days when it still had the word ‘flour’ on the bottom (ie pre-1977), M. Nicholson was trying to remember what the flashing sequence of lights was before it went from three rows of neon to just two.

So: does anyone out there know the answer – and ideally have a film or video clip to prove it? Giles and I have had a look around the NFB’s very useful online collection of archival images, but without luck. Perhaps you’ve got some ideas of your own. Do leave us a comment!